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Monday… Monday!

Hello Monday… July 5th…. what are you celebrating today…Happy Apple Turnover Day (Yummy), Happy Bikini Day, Happy National Graham Crackers Day or Happy National Workaholics Day! Be the reason someone smiles today!

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Update: May 10th, 2021

Crazy times we are in… the rumour mill says that our (Ontario) lock down will continue till early June. (insert sad face!) Although our numbers are down… vaccinations are up we are still not in a good position. So like most I am playing it by ear and going day by day.

My work is still available curbside @ several locations (Joyful Gift Studio, Lively, Ontario, True North Made, New Sudbury Shopping Centre, Sudbury, and Gateway to the Arts, Main Street, North Bay, Ontario) as well as through the web side and on Facebook… (DLR Photography-Photography by Dani lynn Redgrift-Berthelot)

Please stay safe! Wear your mask… get your vaccinations when available!

The other day I put out a small dish of seeds for my chick a dees…. apparently “chippy” thought this was his/her personal feeding dish… LOL

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Happy Monday ~ April 19, 2021

Monday, Monday… and the sun is shining for now! Rain this afternoon… hopefully get another walk in later this afternoon. Out yesterday for an afternoon stroll… You just never know what you will come across… not a fan of snakes..(any size!)

Another “lock down” /”stay @ home order” is in effect. Please stay safe… wear your masks… Wash those hands…

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Morning Visitor!

My morning visitor this morning. We left the back window open in our back porch… during some renovations. I came out into the back porch to find this little devil sitting in my sunflower seed container… just stuffing his/her cheeks! He/She was as startled as I was…lol I think the noise I made scared the begeezes out of the little fellow.. and he hightailed out the window again. I quickly slammed the window shut! Good for the heart! Right!

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Happy Friday!

As we negotiate our way through this “lockdown”… remember to reach out to your family and friends. Stay safe… wash your hands!

My goal is too start my workshops… in Sudbury and North Bay in early Spring. (if permitted) Stay tuned!

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Gateway to Arts Christmas Tree Fundraisers

Happy Wednesday… half way through the week! 9 days till Christmas day! The count down is on at Gateway to the Arts! On Friday our Christmas Tree Auction will go live at 9AM Friday December 18th and it will close at 5PM Saturday December 19th. The funds raised will go towards helping a few local families struggling with serious illness this holiday season. So far the tree includes:A fresh Blue Spruce Tree from Walker’s Tree FarmA 10-week session at North Bay Gymtrix (195.00 value)Four gift certificates from Lou Dawgs valued at 100.00A gift certificate and baking platter from Oak East Eatery A package of kids outer wear, stuffed toy and back pack from Jr. WorldA photographic print on metal from DLR Photography (200.00 value)Print by artist Melinda Shank (300.00 value) Mandala Painting by artist Karrie Emms (100.00 value)Crochet gifts by Shelby Watson (50.00 value) Gift from Acclaim Sound and Lighting (TBA)Dragonfly Welded Piece From Artist Mike Gardiner (25.00 value)Christmas Tree Art by Moe McGuinty (40.00 value)Chainmaille Jewellery set by Dreamweaver Jewellery (50.00 value)We are constantly adding to the tree and will continue to do so until the auction goes live if you would like to donate or your business would we would love to include you!I am so pleased to donate to this AWESOME cause! My print is from Lake Superior. It is 16 x 20 on metal.

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Covid and Christmas

So in years past this would be one of my busiest times of the year.


with shows, events, the market .. etc. Circumstances have not allow me to participate in even those that have run. I really miss seeing and interacting with everyone and in saying that I understand the gravity of doing so… and have chosen to sit this season out on personal bases…. that is not to say that my work is not out there though or not available. You can contact me here . You can also find my work at the Co-op in North Bay… Gateway to the Arts, 151A Main Street W, North Bay, Ontario. True North Made in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre, Sudbury, Ontario and at Joyful Home Gift Studio, Pinehill Plaza, Lively, Ontario. Thanks much for understanding.